The origin of the products

The journey for clothes from the designer’s desk to the consumer’s closet is long and consists of many stages. A majority of Nanso Group’s clothes are manufactured in the company’s own factories in Finland and in Estonia, but there are also product suppliers operating elsewhere.

The brand and type of product determine its production site. Nanso Group has its roots in the town of Nokia, where the head office and the tricot factory of the company are located. The company’s fine hosiery factory is located in Tornio, and the sock factory is located in Tallinn. In addition to our own three factories, we have a holding in an Tallinn-based sewing shop, where some of our tricot products are cut and sewn.

In 2013, 59% of all our products sold were manufactured in our own factories in Finland and in Estonia. 11% of the products were purchased from external partners in the EU region and 31% were purchased from outside the EU, from “risk countries”. However, the manufacturing country varies significantly between brands.

All products of the Nanso brand are knitted, dyed, finished and printed in our own factory in Nokia, but the cutting and sewing of the products takes place both in Finland and in Estonia. The Finnwear and Black Horse products are mainly purchased from Turkey, China, and Portugal. The only hosiery factory in the Nordic region, our factory in Tornio produces 82% of the products of the Norlyn brand (2013).

Recognise a Finnish product

Our products use the Key Flag and Design from Finland symbols granted by the Association for Finnish Work. These symbols help consumers recognise the products they can buy to support Finnish work.

The basis for granting the Key Flag Symbol is the product’s degree of domestic origin, in which the raw materials, packing materials, marketing expenses and the company’s financing are counted, in addition to the manufacturing. The minimum requirement in order to receive the Key Flag Symbol is that the product’s degree of domestic origin is over 50%. The degree of domestic origin can greatly, depending on, for example, the raw materials’ proportion of the total costs, as not all raw materials are available in Finland. On average, the degree of domestic origin of the Nanso products using the Key Flag Symbol is approximately 70%.

The Design from Finland symbol indicates Finnish design and product development competence behind the product. The quality products of Nanso Group are born as a collaboration of materials, colours, patterns, shapes, and sizing, which are founded on the unique Finnish design competence.

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