Responsible procurement

The current issues in the textile and clothing industry are often related to the people making the products and their working conditions. Nanso Group has already been systematically working for years to develop responsibility in the manufacturing and procurements chains, as it is important for us to know the origin of our products and ensure that consumers can use them with a good conscience, regardless of where the products have been manufactured.

Nanso Group has focused its procurements on long-term partners over the last years. A limited number of product suppliers and the long-term development of collaboration offer an opportunity to also develop responsibility in the procurement chain. We have also set requirements for the quality and durability of our products that must all be fulfilled, regardless of where the products have been manufactured.

Nanso Group is a small actor in the textile industry on an international scale, and, therefore, the company aims to collaborate with companies of the same size in its procurements. However, the sizes of the factories range from Italian sock knitting shops employing 100 people to a Turkish textile factory employing 1,000 people. To improve the known flaws in the working conditions of the industry, Nanso Group has been a part of the international Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) since 2008.

BSCI - a network for responsible imports

BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is an international organisation, whose objective is to clarify the monitoring of product suppliers and to develop the working conditions in risk countries. The over 1,300 BSCI members use the common code of conduct related to social responsibility. All of Nanso Group’s product suppliers have committed to following this code.

The BSCI code of conduct is based on international agreements and it is used to protect the rights of employees in global procurement chains. The BSCI code of conduct was updated in 2013 and the most significant change was expanding the code to cover the entire production chain.

The following of the BSCI code of conduct is monitored through factory audits conducted by a third party, which ensures that the system is both reliable and transparent. As a result of the audits, the development areas and the schedules of the re-audits are determined, in case the first audit noticed any flaws. In 2013, 80% of the products purchased by Nanso Group from outside the EU came from factories that have successfully cleared the BSCI audit. An approved SA8000 audit is also accepted as proof of social responsibility.

The challenges in the working conditions in the countries outside the EU are often related to the culture and the entire industry of a country, and not to individual workplaces. Nanso Group has recognised the challenges in the industry and the risks caused by the fragmentation of the manufacturing chain of products. According to the results of the audits, the most common flaws in the risk countries are related to management practices, documentation, working hours, salaries and to occupational health and safety. By choosing its partners carefully and following procedures that implement the company’s values, Nanso Group aims to promote matters related to responsibility in its procurement chains.

More information on BSCI can be found here.