Product safety

Through decades of experience and the control of the manufacturing chain, Nanso Group can ensure the high quality and safety of its products, regardless of where they have been manufactured. Through product safety, the social responsibility in Nanso Group also extends to consumers. The company is responsible that all sold products fulfil the requirements of the current legislation on product safety and chemicals, at the very minimum.

However, the use of chemicals in the production of textiles and clothes is necessary, and people’s sensitisation is very individual. Becoming allergic to our products is very rare, and skin irritation by a product is not necessarily a sign of the use of prohibited substances in the production. Nanso Group tests each product to be sold in the design and procurement stage, through wash tests and test uses. However, bits of fibre and impurities that can cause skin symptoms to those with sensitive skin can remain in the product during the production. The best way to avoid allergic reactions is to always wash clothes before the first use.

Prohibited chemicals

The legislation on the use of chemicals in other countries is not the same as in Finland. Nanso Group monitors the safety of its import products and ensures that the product suppliers use safe chemicals with its own list of prohibited substances. All of the company’s product suppliers are committed to following the list.

The list is based on the REACH chemical legislation of the EU, prohibiting and restricting the use of many chemicals that are hazardous to people and the environment. In addition, the list has been has been complemented with other hazardous substances that are commonly used in the textile industry and the use of which Nanso Group does not approve in the manufacturing of its products.

The Finnish Customs control the safety of import products and regularly tests the chemicals included. Nanso Group also tests that its chemical list is being followed with random checks conducted in external laboratories.

Oeko-Tex - Safe textiles

To show clients and consumers that Nanso Group does not settle for minimum requirements when it comes to product safety, the company applies for the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate for most of its tricot and sock products.

Oeko-Tex is an international environment and product safety standard that shows that the product is confirmed to be safe for its user.

When a consumer buys a Oeko-Tex certified product, they can be sure that:

  • The colorants and chemicals used in the production are non-toxic to humans or environment.
  • The products do not include heavy metal, pesticide, or formaldehyde residues that are hazardous to health.
  • The use of azo dyes and other carcinogenic or allergenic colorants in products is completely prohibited.
  • The pH value of the products is skin-friendly, so that they are also suitable for those with sensitive skin.
  • The products endure washing and wearing, which extends their life.

The Oeko-Tex standards of the Nanso Group tricot products are of class II. The Oeko-Tex standards of the sock and baby products are of class I.