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The well-being of our personnel is one of the essential objectives of Nanso Group’s social responsibility. Quality products cannot be made without professional and committed personnel. Motivated and content personnel also create, with their own actions, good prerequisites for achieving the financial objectives of the company.

Nanso Group offers its personnel an equal and inspiring work community with well-known quality brands. The personnel has the opportunity to learn new things in their work and, if they so wish, to enter an internal career development, which motivates and helps them to commit. As much as 66% of Nanso personnel have achieved a career of over 10 years, and as much as 43% of the personnel has worked for us for over 20 years (2013).

Due to reasons related to production and finances, the operations of Nanso Group were adjusted to correspond to the demand in 2013, and as a part of these procedures, the number of personnel was reduced. Despite this situation, Nanso Group is a sought-after workplace, and in order to secure the future of the Finnish clothing industry and the availability of professional personnel, Nanso has begun to train future professionals in our own apprenticeship programme.