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Social responsibility

The asset of Nanso Group is the committed and professional personnel who create durable quality products. However, in Nanso Group, social responsibility also means responsibility for all the people who we affect during the lives of our products, in addition to our own personnel.

Our objective in developing social responsibility is to continuously improve the occupational well-being of our own personnel, the working conditions of the people working in our procurement chain, and the safety of our products. When developing our procedures, we believe in open dialogue with the people in all areas of our value chain, because only this enables commitment and procedures that lead to results.

It is important to us that a consumer can use Nanso Group’s products with a good conscience, knowing that the products are safe and manufactured in socially acceptable working conditions. We work for this every day.

Key figures 2013

Number of personnel: 613, of which, 496 in Finland
Average age of personnel: 45.5 years
Percentage of women in personnel: 84.7%
Percentage of permanent employees in personnel: 81.1%
Turnover of permanent employees in Finland: 16.0%

Import value: 21,139,000 euros
Most significant import countries: China, Turkey, Italy, and Portugal
Products from BSCI audited factories: 80% of purchases in risk countries