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Ethical principles

The ethical principles, based on the values of Nanso Group, were updated during the spring of 2012. The ethical principles direct our work in all business areas and define the procedures that our personnel are committed to.

We act in accordance with current legislation

  • We obey the current legislation and international agreements and aim to anticipate and prepare for future changes in legislation ahead of time.

We respect equality and fairness

  • We treat all our employees equally and fairly.
  • We respect each other’s dignity and individuality and the diversity of our workplace community, which means prohibiting all kinds of discrimination, threats, and harassment.
  • We do not accept the use of child labour or forced labour in any circumstances.

We act confidentially

  • We are a reliable partner, we respect other parties by following good business practice, and we do not use any illegal means of doing business.
  • We respect the confidentiality of business information by avoiding situations that might be in conflict with the benefits related to Nanso Group’s business.
  • We follow good administration practices at all levels of our organisation, which means precise accounting and documents that describe events sincerely.
  • We do not accept the offering or receiving of any kinds of direct or indirect bribes, in order to gain benefits.

We respect the environment in our actions

  • We are committed to continuously developing our products and procedures to reduce their environmental load.
  • We provide safe and healthy working conditions.
  • We respect the employee’s freedom of association and their freedom for professional organisation.
  • We invest in occupational safety by identifying, evaluating, and controlling possible safety hazards and by creating appropriate safety plans.

We communicate openly and honestly

  • We are transparent and open in communicating the news, both good and bad.
  • We sell and market our products in an ethically sustainable manner.

Each Nanso Group employee signs the ethical principles when they enter our service and they are responsible for following them in their everyday work. Employees are encouraged to immediately report actions that go against legislation or our principles. The principle breaches are investigated, and the most severe possible consequence is a termination of employment.