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Environmental responsibility

In Nanso Group, environmental responsibility means the responsibility on the state of the environment that we affect through our actions and products. By taking care of the environment’s well-being, we create good preconditions, both for people and for our company, even in the future.

We want to give the coming generations the same opportunity that we currently have to create well-being. We have invested in the development of environment-friendly textiles and production methods for decades, as a part of our long-term work for responsibility. We believe that the investments in developing environment-friendly procedures also support the financial profitability of the company.

However, the objective of our environmental responsibility is to continuously develop our procedures to being less stressful on the environment and to increase the consumers’ knowledge on the environmental impacts of the materials used in our textile products.

Key figures 2013

Production: 693.8 tons
Thread consumption: 729 tons
Chemicals and colorants: 481 tons
Water consumption: 151,014 m3
Energy consumption: 23,764 MWh
Emission into the air: 3,190 tons of carbon dioxide
Waste: 203.5 tons, out of which 85% into practical reuse.