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Economic responsibility

In Nanso Group, financial responsibility means building the business on a durable foundation, where the company continues to produce additional value for all of its interest groups, and to add economical welfare effects, both for individuals and for the society.

The number of jobs offered by the textile and clothing industry in Finland has diminished rapidly in the last decades. The operations of Nanso Group have a significant role in preserving the textile and clothing industry, and the diversity of Finnish economy. We are proud that Nanso Group remains a fully Finnish-owned family business and one of the most significant employers in the clothing industry, even with the increasing competition.

For us, the profitability of the company is also important for the future of the Finnish textile industry. The profitable business of Nanso Group supports preserving the jobs and textile professionalism in Finland and training new employees for the industry. Financial responsibility also creates good prerequisites for developing the social and environmental responsibilities of our business, even though we believe that social and environmental responsibility also support the opportunities for financial success for the company.

Key figures 2013

Turnover: 55.5 million euros
Exports: approximately 20% of the turnover
Result: -6.0 million euros
Item and service purchases: 37.2 million euros
Salaries paid to personnel: 15.8 million euros
Direct taxes paid to the society*: 4.4. million euros
Dividends paid to owners: 0.0 million euros
Interests and instalments paid to investors: 0.9 million euros
Investments: 1.3 million euros

*The figure includes personnel costs and the real estate and income taxes paid to the state.