Vogue packaging is given a new fresh look


The packaging look of the Vogue sock products is refreshed. The look of the new packaging is fresh, and the features of the products are clearly visible on the front of the package. The renewal is a part of the updating of the Vogue brand concept, with a goal to modernise the high quality and well known tights brand to meet the consumer needs of today even better.

The generic look of the new packaging is modern and draws the attention of trend-minded consumers. The positions of the models are chosen to emphasise the tights and to make the features involving their use clearly visible. The Vogue logo, product group and the size of the product feature on the front of the packaging, alongside the product image. The more detailed descriptions, material content and washing instructions for the product are found on the back of the package.

In the shop, the stylish balance of black and white on the packaging forms a whole, which stands out, and from which it is easy for the consumer to choose the right product for each purpose. The packaging featuring the new look will be seen as early as in the Vogue season products for Autumn 2015. All Vogue products will be updated with the new packaging by the spring of 2016.

The brand and packaging renewal is a sign, that the international Vogue follows its time and continues to offer timeless stylishness, top quality and a perfect fit for women, who want to look good. The unique design, high quality materials and latest technological innovations at Vogue offer what women want for their legs, both at the office and different celebrations.

NEW Vogue packaging