Nanso Group’s comment on the use of angora wool in its products


The international animal rights organization, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), earlier this week published a video depicting the unethical treatment of animals on an angora rabbit farm. Nanso Group’s collections at the moment include nine items containing angora wool, in Vogue and Norlyn fine hosiery. The company does not condone the treatment of animals portrayed on the video.

The share of angora products across the whole of Nanso Group’s product range is less than one percent. We take any mistreatment of animals extremely seriously, however. We have established high quality requirements for our products regardless of where they are manufactured, and we routinely train our buyers in responsible sourcing. Tracing the origins of angora wool is, however, a challenging task, since the manufacturers of yarns may source their raw material from many different producers.

We co-operate closely with our product suppliers to establish the origins of the angora wool we purchase and to ensure that animal rights are respected throughout the production chain. We have decided that we will not add new angora wool items to the Nanso Group product range until we can ensure proper methods in spinning angora, and the ethical treatment of animals.

Questions concerning the issue can be addressed to our corporate responsibility and communication expert, Satumaija Mäki tel. +358 40 752 8537 or