• Alasivu karuselli


A pioneer of Finnish clothing industry since 1921

Nanso was founded as a dyehouse in 1921 and over the decades, the company has grown into one of the largest clothing companies in Finland. We started out by manufacturing undershirts and over the years, we have knitted men’s textile underwear and durable cotton socks, as well as popular T-shirts and nightwear.

We have come far since our early days. During the 2000s, our operations have developed extensively. In 2001, we purchased the tricot production of Finnwear. At the turn of the year in 2007, Vogue Group Oy and VG Produktion Oy were merged into Nanso. At the same time, Nanso grew into Nanso Group Oy, whose beloved brand family includes the tricot brands Nanso, Black Horse and Finnwear, and the sock brands Vogue, Norlyn and Amar.

Nanso Group has its roots in the town of Nokia, where the head office and the Nanso factory are located even today. The company’s fine hosiery factory in Tornio is the only such factory in the Nordic region. The production of socks is concentrated in the factory in Tallinn. In addition to its own three factories, Nanso Group has a holding in an Estonian sewing shop, where some of the products are cut and sewn. The collections of all the brands are designed in Finland, and they keep up with the times and meet the highest quality standards.

Designer power

Nanso Group is living strongly in touch with its time, and its brands offer effective high-quality collections. The products, which are made with genuine Finnish professional pride and heart, are versatile and always stand out. Created through the collaboration of strong Finnish design and competent manufacturing, the products travel alongside their users during all the significant moments of life.

Finnish ownership

Nanso Group remains a fully Finnish-owned family business, and family ownership is the foundation on which it has been possible to develop the company’s business responsibly in the long term. Nanso’s current owners are the descendants of industrialist Emil Aaltonen (1869-1949), whose strong vision and progressive ideology in the 1930s and 1940s created a solid foundation for the future business of the company, known then as Nokian Kutomo Oy. The descendants of Emil Aaltonen still hold 82.1% of Nanso Group’s shares, as they own the parent company of Nanso Group, Pauniemi Oy. The current owners are committed to the family business and wish to ensure the continuation of the business to the future generations.