Colours and patterns are an important part of Nanso’s identity and its strong competence in design. Get to know the designers of the spring 2015 Nanso collections.

Nightwear and leisurewear by Nanso


“Colours are the foundation of my designs, and sometimes a particular shade provides me with the spark to create something new. The colour is then joined by the shape. A good material makes the product feel right: in patterns, a genuine roughness fascinates me.

However, a product is only ready when it’s worn and it’s faithful to its wearer.
I’m inspired by the things, people, colours, and shapes around me. I dream about travelling all the time, even though I’m comfortable staying at home. I watch a great deal of films, I like to read and I’m interested in the visual arts. I love spending an evening with my friends and family, eating well and chatting.

I wish that the products I’ve designed would travel with their users through the significant moments of their life, that they’d be a part of people’s stories and beautiful memories.”

Heli Hoisko

Nanso Casual


“In design, everything is possible. The inspiring patches of colours and materials, patterns, pictures and magazine clippings, seams, buttons, and ribbons all pile up on my desk and turn into a bubbling soup of ideas. I then start stirring it. We begin the cropping and trimming, we brainstorm, and experiment... The best part is seeing the ideas and drawings turn into clothes. That’s when I get to admire the work of my skilled colleagues: the collaboration of materials, colours, patterns, and shapes. And what’s even better is seeing the garment during an intermission at the theatre, in a crowded bus, during a parents’ meeting at school, or at a café...

When I design, I keep comfort, ease, functionality, and beauty in mind. These go hand in hand: if you feel good, you look good. The easy and functional clothes deliver what they promise, both on a laundry day and in a meeting.

Comfort, ease, functionality, and beauty – that’s also how I build my everyday life. I spend time at home and in the garden; a peaceful life and slowness are a luxury. As well as holidays, dreams, and good food. Life is at its most wonderful, right here and now.”

Minna Sillanpää