Nanso’s products, which are made with genuine professional pride and heart, are versatile and always stand out. We believe that the collaboration of strong Finnish design and competent manufacturing create products that travel alongside their users during all the significant moments of life.

Nanso Casual

Nanso’s autumn 2015 Style collection allows women to dress up as the stars of their own life from morning till night and on casual as well as festive occasions. Our days are full of roles: a mother in the morning, a colleague during the day, and a wife and a friend in the evening. We perform our roles well in our busy daily lives, but we should also stop for a moment to give ourselves and others a round of applause. As the evenings become darker, we can also take some time off to enjoy an evening out at the theatre, concert hall or cinema. Nanso walks side by side with us both in our daily lives and during festive occasions, from the red carpet to the stage and to the round of applause that crowns the evening.

The Nanso Casual collection is designed by Minna Sillanpää.


Nightwear and leisurewear

Nanso’s leisurewear collection for autumn 2015, takes you from the tranquility of the cold north to the pulsing big city, and all the way to space, where we can travel to in our sleep and daydreams. It helps us keep work and leisure separate by leading its wearer towards happiness and dreams. Nanso’s lovely leisurewear helps us wind down at the end of our day at work. They give us permission to cuddle in on the sofa or to relax reading our favourite book. The comfortable nightwear, on the other hand, keeps us warm in the evenings and rouses us into a new day, starting with a hot cup of coffee. You are allowed to enjoy life, every single day.

The Nanso Night and leisurewear collection is designed by Heli Hoisko.